About Us

Hammersmith and Fulham Urban Studies Centre is a voluntary organisation which was established in 1983. The Centre has an educational role, offering opportunities to children and young people to learn about all aspects of the local urban environment. The aim of the work is to help young people understand the process of change, how change impacts on different groups of people and the importance of sustainability in urban community developments. We aim to enable them to acquire the skills, knowledge and confidence to participate, through active learning and discussion, in the shaping of the local environment.

The Centre’s small team has extensive teaching experience with children, young people and adults. We are experienced in designing and developing learning materials relating to the local area for all age groups. Teacher training is also delivered to local teachers and environmental educators.

Both formal and informal programmes are delivered for groups from 5 – 18 years. We follow the National Curriculum with the local area as a focus, encompassing aspects of history, geography, science and citizenship. We support a creative curriculum by offering memorable experiences outside of the classroom and emphasise active learning grounded in young people’s experience and perspective.