Primary Geography

Riverside investigations

Green Space Explorers

Explore your local green space, using fieldwork and geographical skills to examine human influence on the environment.
Links to Key Stage 2 Geography and Science

Classifying Land Uses

Using a combination of aerial photographs, a sorting and classification exercise and primary fieldwork, the class develops an understanding of different land uses in central Hammersmith. This enables them to create an accurate land use map of the local area.
Links to key stage 2 Geography.

Map Detectives

The difference between maps and aerial photos is explored during a classroom based activity, with the concept of orientation also being discussed. The skills the class has developed are then put into practice with a fieldwork session following a route on a map.
Links to key stage 2 Geography.

Environmental Quality

A session investigating environmental quality and change in Hammersmith Broadway. Students use photos to trace change over time and then assess environmental quality and the issues affecting this through local fieldwork. This is followed by a discussion about future development and the need for a sustainable approach.
Links to key stage 2 Geography.

Development of a Settlement

A study of the development of Hammersmith from the rural community of 1863 to the urban centre of the present day. Evidence from maps and photographs is used to show the changes which have occurred over time, followed by a guided walk to identify similarities and differences between the older settlement and the present landscape.
Links to key stage 2 Geography and History.

Traffic Investigation

A fieldwork based session exploring transport issues and attitudes in Hammersmith by using traffic surveys, pedestrian counts, questionnaires and environmental quality assessment. The students will be asked to identify any ways in which they feel these issues can be managed and the situation improved.
Links to key stage 2 Geography.

Riverside Environments

By following a trail along the riverside in Hammersmith, the class will observe both human and wildlife activity on the Thames and its physical features. They will increase their knowledge, develop observation skills and learn techniques such as field sketching.
Links to key stage 2 Geography.

Mini Mappers

Learn all about maps, key vocabulary and geographical skills in your local park. We will explore key locations, directions and make our own maps.        Links to key stage 1 Geography.