Primary Science

Mini-beast safari

Foreshore Explorer

A visit to the river foreshore to observe and describe conditions in a local habitat. Through river dipping and other explorations, students are given a chance to record and identify invertebrate life in the river. They also consider feeding relationships, adaptations and the environmental factors which are important in this habitat.
Links to key stage 2 Science.

Rocks in the Built Environment

Different rock types are introduced in a practical session and grouped in terms of texture and appearance. A trail of Hammersmith Centre or a local cemetery identifies the different rocks used in the built environment and their use is considered in relation to their key characteristics.
Links to key stage 2 Science and Geography.

Minibeast Safari

A visit to Ravenscourt Park, Godolphin Garden (Shepherds Bush), Loris Garden (Hammersmith) or your local park for habitat investigations. The session includes identifying minibeasts from the wildlife pond and around the nature garden and discovering how the animals are adapted to their environment.
Links to key stage 2 Science.
Also suitable for KS1.

Plant Magic

Follow the Plant Detectives Trail in Ravenscourt Park greenhouses, grow your own plants to take home and discover where in the world different plants come from!
Links to KS1 & KS2 Science   I   Late Spring, Summer and Early Autumn Term only. (Limited availability)

Classifying Living Things

Closely observe plants and animals in your school garden or local park. Using games, keys and identification charts, we will name and classify living things and explore their habitats.
Links to Key Stage 2 Science.

Fabulous Flowers

Discover a range of Flowers, learn about their structure and investigate their pollinators. Links to Lower Key Stage 2 Science    I    Summer and Early Autumn Term only

Sensational Seeds

Examine a range of plants in your local park and investigate different methods of seed dispersal. Links to Lower Key Stage 2 Science    I    Summer and Autumn Term only